Supply and Installation of replacement Marmoleum Flooring to RDS Library floor, complete with specified Greek Key pattern, at Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge
DD O’Brien & Co Ltd were contracted by Dunwoody & Dobson Ltd, Registered Heritage Contractors, to supply and install replacement soft flooring in the RDS Library.
A key architectural feature of the proposed floor layout was a “Greek Key” border which would be inlaid in the soft flooring, and form a border around the perimeter of the library. DD
O’Brien & Co Ltd were asked to commission the preparation and production of this perimeter border.
Dunwoody & Dobson Ltd were the principal contractor on the project, and DD O’Brien & Co Ltd liaised closely with them to ensure minimum disruption to the ongoing life of the RDS.
Particular care was taken to minimise disturbance to the fabric of the building, and to the surrounding grounds. All construction operatives / floor layers were briefed as to the
architectural significance of the building, and of the need for maximum care to be taken at all times.
Issues arose in relation to the prepared sub-floor, and DD O’Brien & Co Ltd were happy to offer advice and to contribute to a satisfactory resolution.

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